Critical Care for the Soul
“Sometimes I think that A MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE is a kind of ambulance in Latin America. With your red light flashing and siren sounding, you are constantly transporting many souls that are in emergency situations, speeding them to the Soul Clinic, where the Savior, Healer, and Restorer is Jesus Christ.” (quote from audience member, Alberto Grandez, of Lima, Peru)

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Who We Are

  • Reaching the Spanish-speaking world with the message of the Gospel through 6,000 radio and television broadcasts daily and
Behind the Scenes in our Studio
  • Broadcasting continuously since 1955, when Hermano Pablo (Brother Paul) began his first radio program
  • Presenting daily 4-minute Spanish programs consisting of a story, a moral application, and a spiritual application
  • Changing lives through the power of Christ
  • Our mission is to be God’s voice to the conscience of every Hispanic in the world.

Case of the Week

At our evangelistic website,, our audience downloads their consciences by telling us their moral dilemmas. With their permission, we then use one selected story each week to begin a future MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE program, offering Biblical and practical advice for their situation. We also post our answers at the same website, creating a searchable resource for the audience.

Every week more people tell us their stories. So far, we have had over ten thousand cases submitted from seventy-six countries. Some countries you might not expect include Albania, Japan, the Congo, Israel, and Sweden. There are Spanish speakers almost everywhere and they are desperate for answers to their problems. You can read the case for this week in the box below.

I am a twenty-eight-year-old divorced woman with a nine-year-old son. I have lived with my parents since the break up of my marriage, but it won’t be long before I will be out on my own, which is what I want the most.

For some reason I feel like I don’t fit in with anyone, not even with my own family. I love them, but from a distance.... Their bad attitudes, the constant fights I have with my mother, the talking back and lack of respect of my younger sisters, and the horrible conduct of my brother, who is now eighteen, really bother me.... I can’t stand the way they act, which never changes and I feel has been a negative influence on my son. Is it wrong to love them from a distance?


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