August 2017
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Jer. 4:14/Eze. 11:19/Ro. 6:12/2 Co. 4:6

It was a beautiful, calm, balmy day. The classes at the Polytechnic Institute of the University of Montreal, Canada advanced as usual. No one suspected the tragedy that would occur.

A young man made a surprise entrance into one of the classrooms and with an automatic .22 rifle in hand he ordered all the men to leave the classroom. He then began to shoot at the ladies. He killed twelve and wounded many others. Then he turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger. When the authorities arrived, their comment was, "There is no explanation for such an act."

Sadly, this is a phrase that we hear all too frequently whenever needless killings take place. A man, usually young, obtains a firearm. He then goes to a school, a market, an office, or the open street and begins to shoot. He kills four, eight, ten, or more people and then turns the gun on himself. Always, the general conclusion is "There is no logical explanation."

Is there no reason behind such atrocious conduct? There must be some rationalization for acts that defy rational behavior.

The fact is that there is an explanation. The reason, even though modern man does not want to accept it, is the corruption of the human soul. Sin is at the bottom of all degenerate, dishonest and wicked acts of man. Perhaps it's not always a man killing twelve students, as in the case of the Montreal school. It's not always people being killed in a restaurant or random shooting from a moving vehicle. Nevertheless, it is with that same insatiable desire to satisfy his ego that a man abandons his wife, brutally beats his son, deceives his business associates, or breaks the laws of the land.

Only Jesus Christ cleanses the mind of man and removes the filth from his heart. Only Jesus Christ replaces evil with, as the Bible says, "a fount of pure, clean, living water." He does this by giving man a new heart. Furthermore, even after we have given our all to God and have made Christ the Lord of our lives, He continues to perfect the work Heís begun in us until our hearts reflect His very own.

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