December 2018
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Ro. 1:29-32/Eph. 4:17-19/2 Ti. 3:1-7

An individual entered the elegant beauty shop in New York and asked for a tint, hair set, facial mask, and the application of eye shadow, false eyelashes, and lipstick. The beautician, as a professional, smiled and promised good work.

The request was normal, as it happens every day. The oddity of this case is that the client was not a young girl, nor a mature lady. The person who wanted this service was a young man of 26 years. He was tall, handsome, with long hair, well-trimmed mustache, and an athletic figure.

Mr. Jack Winters, president of one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, said in a newspaper interview that every day the number of men who use women’s beauty products increases. Unisex is a common term, but not usually applied to this extreme. The rebellious spirit in human beings brings about such abnormalities. Men and women seek an outward sign of their rebellion against societal norms as they pursue a philosophy of carnal and sensual pleasures.

We might raise an eyebrow but this should no longer shock us. The Bible tells us this will happen. It explains that the last days will be like Sodom and Gomorra. The morals of humankind have eroded. The lack of respect for God, disregard of the Ten Commandments, and a low standard of ethical values is the order of the day. All this is done in the name of freedom, individuality, human rights, and tolerance. Intolerance is taboo except for when dealing with evangelical Christianity, which is considered fanaticism and terroristic.

The sad thing is that although man denies the existence of God and doesn’t take into account His moral values, man will pay the consequences of those very laws he claims do not exist. Therefore, it is important that we seek Christ more than ever. He is the Divine Cosmetologist who can transform our spiritual beings, giving us dignity and purpose of life.

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