February 2018
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Mark 8:34-38

"You have hands of gold, boss," remarked the employee, as he handed his employer six contracts to sign. "These are contracts that will bring you lots of money." Aaron Grinberg, the company owner, grinned as he reflected upon the year that had been very good. His sales and investments had grown making him a very wealthy man.

It was the last day of the year, and his family was waiting for him at home. As he left his office, Aaron looked down at his hands and proudly thought to himself that he did, in effect, possess hands of gold. Hurriedly he climbed into his late model Mercedes Benz and tried to start the engine when suddenly he noticed that his left hand was extremely heavy. There was a rare prick in his left arm, and a horrible thought hit him: "This isn't a heart attack…." But he never quite finished the sentence. Right then and there he stopped breathing. With his hand of gold still clutching the useless key to his Mercedes Benz, he died.

This, friend, is just one of many similar cases. They don't necessarily occur on the last day of the year. In fact, they occur daily, at any place, and any time. Businessmen with too heavy schedules, excessive work and no rest often die of heart attacks.

The business world is made up of struggles, competition and battle. The competitive spirit is tremendous, and those who are sluggish, are left behind, dominated, and surpassed. For this reason, some businessmen and women do not always pay attention to their health. Blinded by gold fever, at forty or fifty years of age, many find their heart coming to an abrupt and fatal halt.

Sadly, the same businesspersons that have dedicated twenty or so years of their life to fame and riches, in many cases, have also neglected their spiritual health and will find themselves miserably poor when God calls for their souls. It is possible to have paid all debts to creditors and banks, and yet not be spiritually solvent. It is possible to owe man nothing and yet owe our Creator our very life.

The Apostle Paul said that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. The problem is not wealth itself. The problem is our slavery to wealth.

Christ offers us something far superior to earthly riches. He offers us spiritual solvency and peace with our Creator. When Christ is our only Lord, material wealth cannot rule over us.

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