June 2017
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Ps. 60:11-12/Isa. 27:1/Rev. 12:9

It was a very strange wedding. Although the bride was not dressed in the usual white flowing gown and the groom was not wearing a tuxedo, they did have the wedding march, the rice, the flowers, the bridesmaids, and a minister to pronounce the blessing.

The strange part about the wedding was the groom's best man. He wasn't a good friend, a brother, or a cousin. In fact, he wasn't even a human being. The groom's "best man" was an enormous 18-foot python that wrapped itself around the couple in a cold and sinuous grip. Nicolas Ordinans and Geraldine Waterman were both caretakers in the Dudley, England zoo, and wanted it that way. The clergyman, for whatever reason, went along with their strange request.

It seems that in many weddings the traditional marriage liturgy has been omitted right along with many other beautiful and meaningful traditions of the past. Many of today's young people do not conform to classical customs. They want things done in some new, unique and unusual way, just to be different and to draw away from tradition.

Although the serpent is a symbol of treachery, deceit, lies and dishonesty, this young couple chose a python as their "best man." However, Nicolas and Geraldine aren't the only ones who include a serpent in their marriage. Sometimes a couple realizes all too late that for years they have had one living in their home.

Satan is astute. He's like a virus or a cancer cell. He works silently and unrecognized until he has completely devastated his victims. The human heart is weak by nature and the serpent takes advantage of every occasion to inject its poison into the marriage. Thus the most common plagues of a married couple include unwillingness to listen, no desire to comprehend, no thought of giving the spouse the benefit of the doubt, and an unforgiving attitude. These symptoms indicate the presence of the serpent, slithering its way into the unsuspecting marriage.

Do we speak to our spouses in an angry and unkind tone? Do we mistrust each other? Are we practicing any destructive acts that allow the serpent to insert its ugly head in our lives? If so, we need to kill it before it destroys our homes. In fact, each time we catch even a glimpse of our enemy we need to join together and call upon the only One who can destroy that old serpent and save our marriages. Let’s call upon the Lord together!

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