December 2017
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Ps. 36:5-8/Pr. 19:22

They had been separated for eight weeks. It wasn’t a terribly long time, but it was a boring stretch for two people deeply in love. For the lovers, Sarah Copley and Michael Blakesly, of London, England the separation turned into an eternity.

When Michael returned from a trip to Yugoslavia, his 18-year old girl friend, Sarah, was waiting for him at the airport. The emotion of the encounter was too much for her and, while in the arms of her lover, Sarah suffered an acute asthma attack that ruptured her arteries. Emotion and asthma killed her. "This young girl died of love" was the doctor’s statement.

Though this news is sad, the tale does have a more positive side to it. True love still exists. It had enough power to cause Sarah’s death but that power can be harnessed for good. It can inspire men and women to accomplish great things.

However, in today’s culture many have exchanged love for sexual passion, degrading that greatest virtue of our existence. Sadly, it isn’t only young people. Love within many families, especially in the western world, has been devalued. Greed, unhealthy ambition, and the demands of success have reached an all-time high on our internal lists of priorities.

"No one does anything for love" an Argentine journalist declared. "Everything is done for selfish interest. Sex, lust, and degradation shadow every relationship between a man and a woman." He ended by saying, "When the price of love falls below good judgment only desperation is left."

This pessimistic writer cannot see the lights of hope that sparkle in the midst of this somber scene. He doesn’t know that there are still people who will sacrifice everything for real, unselfish love. Many couples can repeat Solomon’s words in Song of Solomon 8:6, "Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death."

If we are not experiencing true love, we must go to Christ and ask to be filled with His love. Christ is the fount from which pure love is poured over our souls, into our hearts, and into the lives of others. He can clean up our motives and leave us with pure hearts from which real love can come.

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