April 2017
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Mt. 11:25-30; 16:13-17/Jn. 12:44-46/Heb. 4:14

He was an extremely strange and controversial character. For three years he had revolutionized the land of Palestine.

Some said that he was a saint who had come to bring liberty and justice. They called him "The Son of God". Others said he was a deceiver and, in reality, nothing more than an ignorant, fourth rate rabbi. Some even said he was of Satan.

 One day he asked his twelve special followers, "Who do you say I am?" One of them, Peter, answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

Today, however, the question is still valid "Who do you say Jesus is?"

People continue to give many different answers. Some say that Jesus was a good man, who taught humility and love. Perhaps He came to teach us how to live. They might even suggest that He was crucified because he was too good. In their minds Jesus simply died as a martyr.

For others Jesus was a political leader. They say Jesus was the first communist, attacking the Roman imperialists and the rich of his day. He wanted the wealthy to share their riches, condemned private ownership of property, and criticized the military governments.

Still others say Jesus was a rabbi from the provinces who set himself against the fanatical religious leaders of Jerusalem. They didn't like it that his followers exalted him as God, and in fact, crucified him because they were jealous. For these, Jesus was just another religious leader.

Speaking from a pseudo intellectual posture, others even say that Jesus was a mythological person who never really existed. He is the invention of the priests, they say, to dominate the people.

Friend, the fact is that Jesus is the Son of God. He died on the cross of Calvary in our place and arose triumphant from the tomb to assure us of eternal life. Jesus is alive today and continues to call us to Himself.

May we continue to say "yes" to His invitation and draw closer to Him every day!

May we be the ones to say, "Jesus is my Savior and He lives in my heart. I have His love and power in my life. His word is my guide, my strength, and my hope."

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