April 2018
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Ps. 29:11/Pr. 22:24-25/Jas. 1:19-21

It was only a cigarette stub, or a carelessly tossed match, but the fire that started in the leaves went on to burn everything in its path. In a few moments the whole stable, in Sidney, Australia, was engulfed in flames. Inside, surrounded by fire on every side, were 60 pure bred, racing horses.

Eleven horses were burned in the stable. The others, with their manes and tails burning, ran wildly through the streets. One champion horse, with fire consuming his body, ran into another stable and started a second fire. A total of 23 pure bred, race horses, valued at two million dollars, perished in that tragic fire.

"He ran out of the house with sparks flying", the wife of a businessman said. "He came in here like a lightning bolt ", said his office companions. "He left here like he had a devil in him", reported the building watchman. Is it strange then that this furiously angry man killed three people in a frenzied rage?

Friend, the present life has everyone tense. Along with the fear of the future there is accumulated violence in the heart of many and emotional torments have them on the very edge of disaster.

Some people have very hot tempers. They appear to carry melted lead in their veins and to breathe fire. Frustrated and resentful, they act as though they lived with gunpowder inside them, ready to explode at any moment. All it takes is a tiny spark to set it off producing a raging outburst of anger with devastating consequences.

The fire in the stable in Sidney, Australia was put out with water, but what can put out the fire of anger and frustration that burns within us?

One day, our Lord Jesus Christ, walked with a cross on his shoulder up the path to Mount Calvary. There He gave His life so that all of us could have peace. Whenever we call out to Christ and ask Him to control the raging torment in our life, His response is "My peace I give you".

Only Jesus can transform the frustration in our lives to peace and tranquility. In Him there is unfathomable peace.

More than 50,000 listeners can hear our program in Santa Ana, El Salvador. (Did you know that El Salvador means "The Savior?’) Pray that these people will make Christ their Savior today.

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