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Paul Finkenbinder, known as Hermano Pablo, was born in 1921 in Puerto Rico of missionary parents. He grew up speaking both Spanish and English, and the strong missionary atmosphere of his early home fashioned the course of his life and became the foundation for one of the most extensive Christian media outreaches in all of Latin America.


About Us

By using a story with an application, A Message to the Conscience reaches millions of people in more than 30 countries. Most of our messages are transmitted through secular media, and the majority of our listeners are non-Christians.

The International Center for Education in Latin America (a secular organization) recently referred to A Message to the Conscience as the second-most-effective media program in all of Latin America. To find out how this program got started, visit our history page.

The numbers change every day, but at last count Hermano Pablo Ministries 4-minute Message to the Conscience in Spanish is broadcast more than 6,000 times per day and is published in over 80 periodicals. We have a small dedicated staff who work tirelessly to distribute these messages to broadcast and print media all over the Spanish-speaking world. The staff of Hermano Pablo Ministries answers to a volunteer and independent Board of Directors made up of well-known and respected Christian businessmen and leaders.

Our devotions are very similar to actual Message to the Conscience radio and television programs and print media columns. The scripts have been translated into English and given an application for Christians. (The original Spanish version has an application which is carefully directed to non-Christians.) Spanish speakers can access the scripts of these programs in mensajes.

We receive letters almost every day from listeners who have been drawn to Christ by A Message to the Conscience. Television and radio personnel have also written to give us their impressions of the program. To read their comments, visit our testimonies page.

We currently have more than fifty-seven thousand subscribers! Spanish speakers who move away from their native countries are excited to have the opportunity to receive this daily resource in their native language. We have subscribers in Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Ethiopia, Italy and one hundred seventeen other countries. Recipients of the email messages tell us that they forward the messages on to their social circles, and those who are followers of Christ use the messages to evangelize their friends.

Who is funding this massive outreach? Who pays for the more than 100 million dollars-worth of air time? For answers to these and other questions, visit our Contribute page.

The Message

Un Mensaje a la Conciencia [A Message to the Conscience] radio and television program has been the primary vehicle for bringing God's message of love to millions of Spanish-speaking people each day. This professional production is seen, heard or read throughout 30 countries of the Spanish-speaking world over 6,000 times per day.

Many TV and radio station managers and newspaper and magazine publishers have recognized the life-changing power of this widely acclaimed program and have made it a priority feature for their readers and listeners. Thus Hermano Pablo became a household name throughout the Spanish-speaking world. People from all walks of life—including heads of state, business and military leaders—listen to the inspiring broadcasts.

Opportunities continue to come as God positions Hermano Pablo Ministries to uniquely reach this vast continent.

Linda and Charles

Linda Stewart, Charles Ray’s wife, is the Operations Manager of Hermano Pablo Ministries. She is the daughter of alcoholics (mother, father, and step-father), and decided at a young age that she wanted to provide a very different life for her own future children. Linda and Charles have five children, three of whom are adopted.

Linda has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and has completed post-graduate studies in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has served as a Biblical counselor in both the United States and South America. In addition, she has worked as a teacher in both public and private schools (from kindergarten to high school), and has been a school counselor.

Charles Ray Stewart was born in Cuba and grew up in Colombia, South America. In 1995, he began to produce and broadcast programs of A Message to the Conscience®, and has served as President of Hermano Pablo Ministries since 1996. In 2005, he completed his Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University.

Linda and Charles Ray’s purpose is to provide up-to-date, relevant, and trustworthy information based on the teachings of the Holy Bible. Their advice is not intended to take the place of personal, medical, or legal counseling. Nor should it be interpreted to apply to legal, financial, accounting, or tax purposes.

Behind the Scenes

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