We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, governed by an independent volunteer Board of Directors. For income tax purposes of residents of the United States, all donations are tax deductible (except for the value of items you have ordered).

  Some might be interested in subsidizing the programs that are sent to a particular radio or television station. There are still many new stations without sponsors.

If the Lord impresses you to do so, would you consider sponsoring one of our new stations? The cost is $50 per month per radio station, and $125 per month per television station. If you want to take on this project


The staff of Hermano Pablo Ministries answers to a volunteer and independent Board of Directors made up of well-known and respected Christian businessmen and leaders. The Board sets the salaries for all employees and approves the annual budget. An independent accountant submits the financial records to the Board for approval. (Any donor who wishes to examine how funds are spent may request a copy of the annual financial report.)

Charles Ray Stewart
Lawrence Bray
L. John Bueno
Dave Ellis
Adelita Garza
Jordan Hansen
John Johnson
Megan Judkins
Wayne Kraiss
Heber Paredes
George O. Wood
Frank Yubeta, Jr.
Kenneth Wayman
T. Ray Rachels

The Board of Directors consists of eleven members, including three officers and the chairman. Members are elected to three-year terms. The officers and chairman meet throughout the year as needed, while the full board is in session on the last Friday of every February. A typical agenda includes discussion and voting on the Ministry’s goals and strategies, reports from the President, and the receipt and approval of the financial report and proposed budget.

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