January 2021
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I Peter 4:2/Psalm 90:12

It is mounted on a massive base of gold and has one thousand seven hundred twenty-eight pieces. It is adorned with rubies and diamonds and must be wound every thirty hours. Its sole function, other than to please its owner, is to mark the hours, minutes, and seconds as they tick by.

It is the most expensive clock in the world. It was sold in Geneva, Switzerland for $2,740,000. With commission and taxes the price exceeded three million dollars.

This clock along with its sale price provokes a question: How much is time worth?

In reality, it doesn't matter if time is measured with a three-million-dollar clock, or by the sun, moon, and stars. Time is always the same for everyone. From the most wealthy and opulent king, to the most simple and indigent pauper, each person has exactly twenty-four hours each day. No one has more, and no one has less.

But, it's not the amount of time that is important, nor is it the price we pay for a time piece. The important thing about time is how it is spent. Setting our priorities in order gives our time more value and will give us a sense of fulfillment as each day goes by.

What are your priorities? How do you spend your time? In order to experience deep satisfaction at the end of each day, consider the following.

First and foremost, establish a strong and continual two-way communication with God your Creator. This cannot be a sporadic relationship. It must be daily.

Secondly, attempt to maintain an open, healthy, and peaceful relationship with your family. These first two steps are very important and the basis for overall happiness.

Third, put your heart into your work. Work honorably, with dedication, and with dignity. Then the fruit of your labor will produce not only your livelihood, but also joy.

Fourth, take time to rest. You need a break from the routine of daily life. Take periodic vacations, and practice some kind of sport or hobby for total peace and relaxation. Honor God's command to rest one day per week.

When we submit our life completely to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, He enables us to maintain our priorities in the correct order, and to spend our time more effectively.

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