April 2021
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Psalm 31:5; 145:16/Isa. 65:2/Lk. 18:15

It happened during the difficult days of World War II. Martha Korwin, the great concert pianist, was working as a volunteer nurse in a hospital for injured soldiers. 

One particular night she was making her rounds fulfilling her noble mission when all of a sudden she found herself looking at a young man who had his face buried in his pillow. He was weeping desperately. His terrible suffering was apparently more than he could bear. In order not to disturb his companions who were injured as he was, he tried to smother his sobs against his pillow.

Martha Korwin had marvelous hands. She knew how to communicate the most beautiful emotions to her audience by touching the keys of a piano with extreme sensitivity. An interesting thought came to her, "Why can't I transmit the feeling of love to this young wounded soldier by putting my hands on his head"? And that is precisely what she did. When the pianist put her hands softly on the young man's head, he grasped her hands with such intensity that he almost dug his nails into her flesh. That touch of love was a soothing medicine. Gradually the weeping ceased. Soon the wounded soldier slept peacefully. It had been the touch of human love that healed his wounded heart.

Dear friend, if the loving touch of a pianist's hands can have this effect, how much more profound is the effect when we are touched by Jesus' hands. When we read the Gospels we see Jesus putting his hands on the sick and healing them. We read how He touched the eyes of the blind and gave them sight. He took the children in His arms and blessed them. He cleansed the leper, and put his arm around the shoulders of the woman caught in adultery forgiving her and restoring her dignity.

Christ is still extending his hands toward humanity. Those hands with the nail prints from the cruel suffering on the cross have the touch and seal of love. When Christ puts His hands on us, all pain goes away, agony disappears, sin is erased, and the peace that passes all understanding fills our entire being.

Let's ask Him today to touch our life!

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