November 2019
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Ps. 68:20/Eph. 3:8,9/1 Jn. 4:9,10

John Thomas of Berkeley, California, made a lot of money. He earned his livelihood by betting on Russian roulette. He would put a bullet in the chamber of his revolver, spin the chamber and then, betting fifty dollars that he wouldn't kill himself, place the revolver to his head and pull the trigger. Over and over again he played this game, as morbid and macabre customers paid $50 to see him do it.

One 12th of July, John was sitting in his house alone and decided to bet against himself. This time, however, he loaded two bullets into the cylinder. His idea was to pull the trigger twice, but he never got to use the second bullet. John Thomas was thirty-two years of age.

The 15th of that same July, Christina Chubbuck, a television commentator in Sarasota, Florida told her audience on camera that she was going to offer an unusual exhibition that day. She said that she was going to show them a suicide on television. Before the stupefied eyes of millions of viewers, Christina took a pistol out of her purse, and before anyone could stop her, placed the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. She died a short time later in the hospital.

Life appears to be so cheap. What is it that causes man to think so little of life? Perhaps media coverage of wars and terrorism has made us accustomed to viewing the dead. Perhaps it is the movies and television programs with their incessant scenes of gratuitous death and violence. Have these scenes desensitized our minds? Or maybe it is the post-modern philosophy of our world today that denies God and all moral absolutes. This school of thought does not acknowledge man as being the product of creation, and it laughs at the notion of a superior being. The fact is that something has totally perverted the value of life. Life has become so meaningless that to kill another human being, or to take one's own life is no longer of much importance or consequence. The life of a tree is given more significance.

Human life, however, is the gift of God. It is the opportunity given to every human being to know, love, serve and adore God. It is the privilege of having a brief time on this earth to prepare for the incredible spiritual dimension of eternal life.

Christ demonstrated the enormous value of our lives, by dying for us on the cross of Calvary. He gave His life so that we wouldn’t have to die. Therefore, let us never look to death — life is our destiny. Instead, let us look to Christ, the giver of eternal life, that we may be able to help others find their destiny as well.

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