May 2019
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Ps. 112:1,7-8/Pr. 11:2; 28:26/1 Co. 10:12/Jas. 4:13-15

It was a long and conscientious preparation that lasted twelve months. Every day he received classes and he practiced constantly. He learned the fast strokes and the loud yells, and had the movements of every muscle and every bone under control.

At last Chester Palmer, of Melbourne, Australia received his diploma as a trained karate fighter. Decorated with medals and confident of his abilities, he entered one day into a cage with four lions and challenged them to fight. The wild beasts pounced on him, and in a matter of minutes had torn him to pieces. "But," said Bill Richards, his instructor, "he didn't die without fighting. He had the mane of one of the lions in his hand." What a poor consolation!

Karate is an art of personal defense. Well learned and executed, it can be a strong tool. But four lions are too many for any karate practitioner, however much of an expert he may be. Unfortunately, Chester Palmer misjudged his ability and lost the fight.

In the same way, many people take on life’s issues believing that triumph is theirs, without taking into account their inability and lack of foreknowledge. Many believe they are in the best of physical health and are suddenly surprised by a cerebral hemorrhage or a heart attack. Others who feel they are well established in some business, a political position, or in the entertainment world, find themselves in the street with their dreams shattered and their lives in shambles.

Whether it's a business venture, a marriage relationship, or some sport or hobby, believing they are invincible, many people leave God out of their lives and attempt to fight their battles alone. All too many times such persons end up being destroyed.

It is good to be fearless, but in order to have peace and security we must not disregard God and His will in our plans and choices. Fearlessness without God involved is tantamount to foolishness.

Let’s not be foolish! Let’s remember the counsel of God’s Word, which tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Radio Frecuencia Popular is a commercial station in the city of Chepen, Peru. A MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE is heard twice each day at 6:00 AM and at 7:00 PM. Pray that each program will be effective in the task of reaching the lost in this city.

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