December 2020
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Pr. 15:30; 24:26/Zec. 4:6,10/1 Pe. 5:4

They are miniatures formed by skilled hands; each one different in size and shape. Five of them could fit in the palm of a man’s hand. These revolvers and pistols are part of the collection of 40,000 miniatures of Orville Elton of Seattle, Washington. Nevertheless, they are so perfectly made that each one can be loaded and fired!

Mr. Elton says, "Despite their size, these small weapons have the capacity to kill a man." His remark serves to remind us that diminutive things aren’t necessarily weak. On the contrary, they can be strong and powerful, just as the perfume and poison stored in small bottles. One can eat a pound of spaghetti and not suffer greatly, but if a person ingested one grain of cyanide, death could occur.

A kiss is something small and lasts only seconds, but place kisses lovingly on the forehead of an elderly mother and she will be revitalized. A parent’s tender kisses on the cheek of an erring daughter may bring her home. Long awaited kisses on the lips of a neglected wife can restore a marriage. A wife’s kiss communicating forgiveness to her unfaithful husband can go a very long way toward mending their relationship.

Words are brief and hard to measure because they have no weight, height, or width. Yet, two words sincerely spoken can change the direction of a life of errors and failures. Those words are "Forgive me."

The human conscience when measured may be tiny, but it holds within it a multitude of thoughts. The memory may appear small, but it contains millions of ideas.

Among the gigantic things created by man are the skyscrapers in large cities. Nonetheless, some little things can have more value than the large ones. A loving word, a tender kiss, an affectionate hug, or an endearing smile are priceless and can produce important results. Mystically, our hearts are capable of containing the greatest of all treasures. Even though our very lives depend on this small organ of the human body, when we open our distressed and burdened hearts to Jesus, He becomes the greatest marvel of our existence. Let’s welcome Him and be thankful for His presence each and every day!

Today almost 100,000 people will listen to A MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE on Radio Mil in a city called Popayan, Colombia. This secular station broadcasts the program 72 times every week. Pray for this outreach to hurting people.

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