August 2020
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Ps. 78:1-7/Pr. 14:26

His day starts when the sun comes up in the morning and ends when the lights in the store windows are turned off. His bed is made up of crumpled newspapers on any street corner. His breakfast consists of whatever he can find in garbage bins. His schooling depends on whatever he learns in the streets. His business is either begging or stealing. He wears anything that hasn't quite turned to rags. He lives in the streets with nothing more to look forward to than a hospital, a jail, or the cemetery.

Sadly, this "child of the streets" has millions of brothers and sisters just like him in all countries of the first, second and third worlds. At least one hundred million children form the fourth world, the world of orphans. Millions of children are without mother or father, and because they lack a responsible guardian, they roam the streets of the big cities of our world with no home, no education, no family, no protection, and no hope.

The leader of one of the many organizations that help orphaned children said in a conference held in the Philippines, "The children of the streets are the prophets of tomorrow's world." The truth is if we don't do something to change the situation today, it will become apocalyptic.

It's easy to just give a sentimental look at this situation and continue in our own interests as though nothing were happening. Nevertheless, children continue to live in the streets, in increasing numbers, and they are constantly the victims of tuberculosis, crime, prostitution, and AIDS.

Is there anything we as individuals can do? Maybe we're too far removed, both geographically as well as culturally, to reach the masses in the streets of the world, but we do have a starting point. We can begin by giving attention to our own children, the ones that we have brought into the world. We can love them, guide them, play with them, discipline them, instruct them, and bless them. And then we can show them, by our examples, all the ways that we can help the children of the world. All of us can pray. Most of us can give to a church-related relief organization. A few of us can be foster or adoptive parents. None of us can afford to do nothing. Christ himself told us that as we do for the little ones, we have done for Him.

Twenty-eight years ago Publicidad Huanuco of Huanuco, Peru began broadcasting A MESSAGE TO THE CONSCIENCE on its secular radio station. It is heard four times each day. Please pray that Godís truths penetrate the hearts of those who listen this day.

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