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Chasing Away the Darkness

G.S. is a member of our audience who lives in Costa Rica. When he heard the Message to the Conscience program about how to chase away the darkness, he wrote to tell us what a difference the program had made in his life.

G.S. referred to our program as a light that chases away the darkness, but in reality, we know that the only Light is Christ Himself. A Message to the Conscience is just a means to spread His Light.

G.S. is an example of someone who follows A Message to the Conscience faithfully, but who apparently has not yet accepted Christ as his personal Savior. The Holy Spirit is speaking to him and making him aware of the darkness in his life. He is drawn to the Light of the Gospel. Please pray with us that G.S. will decide to accept Christ as he listens to the upcoming programs. And pray for the others who have also recognized the darkness in their lives, but have never written to tell us.

Thank you for standing behind us in producing and distributing A Message to the Conscience. There are many more like G.S. who are lost in darkness and need to know about the Light of Christ.

Critical Care for the Soul

“Sometimes I think that A Message to the Conscience is a kind of ambulance in Latin America. With your red light flashing and siren sounding, you are constantly transporting many souls that are in emergency situations, speeding them to the Soul Clinic, where the Savior, Healer, and Restorer is Jesus Christ.” (quote from audience member, Alberto Grandez, of Lima, Peru)

“Your messages and counsel restore life to the body and soul.” (quote from audience member, José López)

These words from Alberto caused us to reflect on the image of A Message to the Conscience serving as an ambulance. Hermano Pablo used to remind us that we have been called to minister to hurting people. And Alberto points out that those people are facing a life-threatening outcome, but also that our task is simply to transport them to the One and only One who can save, heal, and restore them to spiritual health, Jesus Christ our Lord.

From its inception our program has made non-Christians its target audience, not the Christians that so many Christian stations these days feel the need to please. That’s because our call has always been, and continues to be, the same as Jesus’ call, who explained it in these words: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners” (Mark 2:17-18).

50 Years!

In May of 2014, A Message to the Conscience celebrated fifty years of continuous broadcasting. The four-minute television and radio program created by Paul Finkenbinder (known as Hermano Pablo) has been broadcast Monday through Saturday, without interruption, since 1964.

Since the first broadcast, the mission of A Message to the Conscience has been to be the voice of God to the conscience of every Spanish speaker in the world, with the purpose of rescuing moral and spiritual values in society. This goal has been accomplished, changing the lives of countless people, thanks to the six thousand daily broadcasts on radio and television.

The program can also be found on the website of the organization,, with links to the audio and video version, as well as on It is published as a column in over one hundred newspapers and magazines. Each program consists of a story, followed by a moral and spiritual application. The captivating format and informal style are ingredients that have contributed to the wide listening and viewing audiences.

On January 27, 2012 Hermano Pablo, at ninety years of age, was promoted into Heaven. However, since 1996, Dr. Charles Ray Stewart (President of Hermano Pablo Ministries), along with his wife, Linda, has written and recorded all of the new Messages to the Conscience.

Fifty years of impact! Fifty years transforming lives and rescuing moral values in society! But while A Message to the Conscience celebrates its Golden Anniversary, there is still so much to do. That is why Hermano Pablo Ministries has renewed its mission and purpose to continue broadcasting in all the world until God Himself has had the last word.

Top Secret!

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Our Spanish website offers more opportunities to connect with the person who is not yet a follower of Christ!

Click here to see the Memorial Service that was celebrated in honor of Hermano Pablo on February 4, 2012.

We celebrate the life of Paul Edwin Finkenbinder, known throughout Latin America as Hermano Pablo (Brother Paul). Paul was born on September 24, 1921 in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and passed into Heaven to meet his Savior on January 27, 2012 in Irvine, California.

On Wednesday, January 25, Paul celebrated his seventieth anniversary with the love of his life, Linda, and with friends and family. He felt well and laughed and joked with everyone. In the early evening Paul complained of a severe headache and was rushed to the hospital. His children, grandchildren and friends gathered to spend the last hours with him. He passed peacefully to the presence of the Lord at 3:55 am Pacific time on Friday, January 27.

Paul was a public figure, having preached in the towns and cities of Latin America for the past seventy years. All who heard him were touched by the stories that he told, and thousands accepted Christ as a result of his preaching. However, anyone who met him personally was most impacted by the love that he showed to each individual. Dignitaries as well as hotel staff and servers in restaurants were impacted by that love and care for them.

Paul and Linda went to El Salvador as missionaries in 1942. Paul traveled throughout the country, sometimes on a mule, preaching the Gospel and encouraging Christian workers. In 1955, Paul began his first radio program, and in 1960 he produced prime-time Bible dramas for television that were reported to be the first regularly-scheduled Christian television broadcast outside of the United States.

Paul was best known for his radio and television program, A Message to the Conscience, which began in 1964. His innovative program included a story followed by a moral and spiritual application, a formula that has been successful to this day. The program is now broadcast more than 6,000 times each day in 30 counties, and all the airtime is donated by the stations or by local believers. 50 thousand subscribers around the world receive the program each day by email.

Though Paul did not record any programs himself for the past fifteen years, he and his board of directors ensured the future of the program by choosing his successor, Charles Ray Stewart, in 1996. Paul's legacy will live on through the program for many years to come. There will be no interruption of broadcasts. That is the way Paul would have wanted it. For his spiritual family, including the thousands he won for Christ, it's not good-bye to Hermano Pablo, but "See you later."

Celebrating 50 Years of A Message to the Conscience®!

On May 4, 2014, A Message to the Conscience celebrates fifty years of continuous broadcasting. What began in El Salvador on May 4, 1964 has grown to a radio and television broadcast from 30 countries as well as a number of other countries by satellite. In addition, already this year our evangelistic website has had visitors from 154 countries, including places like Angola, Latvia, Kuwait, and Fiji!

But what’s the point? Why is this growth so exciting? Only because every visitor, every station, and every country represent people who are hearing the Gospel of Christ, some for the very first time! These may be people who would never go into a church, yet they are confronted with the Good News while listening to the radio, watching television, or surfing the net.

Personal greetings from Hermano Pablo and Linda - August 2006

How delighted we are, at 85 years of age, to contemplate not only the continuance but the amazing yearly increase in ministry since handing over Hermano Pablo Ministries to Charles and Linda Stewart!

Itís hard to believe that ten years have passed since we walked into the office one afternoon and became conscious of the reality of having delegated the leadership of Hermano Pablo Ministries to Charles and Linda. Our wall plaques and pictures were outside our offices on hall walls, Charles was making the new Message to the Conscience programs, and secretaries were carrying on the ministry without us. For brief seconds, the visual shock of changes in the office stung our eyes with unshed tears and left a nauseous feeling in the pit of our stomachs. At the same time, we rejoiced in the magnitude of Godís sovereignty, reflecting on how symbolically we cut the umbilical chord, birthing the continuance of the burden of our hearts, the evangelization of Spanish-speaking people, through a new voice.

We were 75 years of age when making the Message to the Conscience programs and managing an office became too much for us physically, although the thought of discontinuing was too agonizing to consider. To end everything that inspired and motivated us for almost a half century, while multitudes of Hispanics continued down the broad road to destruction without knowledge of Christ, was to us unthinkable. We couldnít conceive committing spiritual homicide of individuals waiting to hear the next dayís nugget of Godís truth, and realized it was time to step back and allow another to carry our mantle.

For years, we believed this mass media ministry God called us to would continue with a successor just as God prepared a Joshua to follow Moses Ė and God did not fail us. Amazingly, like He did with Bible characters, God prepared the hearts of Charles and Linda to utilize the same type of evangelism ministry. God didnít speak to us in an audible voice, but the Holy Spirit prompted us to trust Him and led us to Charles, whose heart burned with the same evangelistic desire for the Hispanic world.

The current weekly schedule of Message to the Conscience programs aired 4,200 times daily in 33 countries of the world is comprised of Charlesí newly recorded programs and selected reruns of mine. The timeless messages of both broadcasters, dealing with the endless problems of humanity, such as infidelity, alcoholism, abortion, divorce, and suicide, point to Jesus, the only answer to the longing of every heart.

Of necessity our lives are slower, and we no longer have the health and strength to minister publicly. We feel honored that Paul remains Chairman of the Board of Hermano Pablo Ministries, and observe with pride that the ministry expands every year without our stepping foot in the Costa Mesa office. Charles and Linda humbly follow in our footsteps, working endless hours without receiving the honor that comes to us, the founders of the ministry.

Our constant prayer for Charles and Linda is that God grant both of them times of fulfillment as they carry on the call God put on their hearts. We thank God for Charles, my companion mass media voice to the conscience of millions of people in the Spanish world. Our short program heard on many stations, including secular ones where unchurched people hear Godís Word, is with Jesusí promise: ďAnd I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto meĒ (John 12:32).

Multiplied millions of non-evangelized Hispanics, unaware that Godís peace is available to them, need to hear of Godís love. Jesus is unmistakable in indicating that the responsibility of leading people to Godís salvation is ours. We followers have the charge and the privilege of lifting Jesus up and proclaiming His matchless power to repair broken lives.

As the Lord provides for us, we continue to financially support Hermano Pablo Ministries and we pray you will do the same, giving Jesus the opportunities He requires.

Receive love and appreciation from your fellow ďlifter uppers,Ē

Hermano Pablo and Linda

Carlos Rey: Man with "A Message"

The October 24, 2005 edition of the Orange County Register (largest newspaper circulation in the county) ran a front page story about the ministry. The article was titled, “Carlos Rey: Man with ‘A Message’.” The reporter compared the ministry to others by saying, “In a world of flashy televangelists, “Un Mensaje a la Conciencia” (“A Message to the Conscience”) stands out.”

50 Years On Radio

Paying tribute to Hermano Pablo, Charles wrote the following special editions of A Message to the Conscience® that were broadcast October 13 & 19, 2005.

On Friday, July 1, 1955, he recorded his first radio program on radio station YSU in San Salvador, El Salvador. That program, “The Church of the Airwaves,” fifteen minutes in length, was broadcast Monday through Saturday for the next nine years. Then, in its place he created his popular four-minute program known worldwide as A Message to the Conscience. It is none other than Paul Finkenbinder, known internationally as Hermano Pablo (“Brother Paul”). In 2005, the year he celebrates his golden anniversary on radio, this program (that thousands have listened to since they were children) is not only broadcast on radio but also on television and in print media, currently more than 3,800 times each day in 30 countries. So in the course of half a century of continuous media presence, it is no wonder that the voice of Hermano Pablo has become perhaps the most listened-to voice in all the Spanish-speaking world.

To what can we credit the success of this enduring presence in mass media? In great part, it is due to the integrity that characterizes Hermano Pablo and the love that emanates from him. For those of us who have had the pleasure of knowing him personally, there is no doubt that he is upright and modest, the same in a private conversation as in a public meeting, the same at home and in the office as on the radio and television. In other words, Hermano Pablo practices what he preaches. And when he preaches loving God and others, it’s as if the love oozes out of his pores. The love that radiates from him, to the elite of society just as to those who are less influential, is a shining example for all to see.

Thus Dr. Pedro Rivero Mercado, director of the newspaper El Deber of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, wrote, “From the very first time I met Hermano Pablo, I was left with the impression that I had known him all my life.” In the same vein, Sandra María Mora Chinchilla, from San José, Costa Rica, wrote to Hermano Pablo, “The Lord knows how he will compensate you for your dedication and great love. I met you when you were visiting Costa Rica. I worked at the hotel where you came to stay, and I had the honor of checking you in to your room. What most amazed me was how sweet you were and the peace you seemed to have.”

In short, it can be said of Hermano Pablo, without fear of contradiction, that throughout his life he has set the consummate example of following the commandments that Jesus chose as the most important: to love God with all your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself. For that reason, we take advantage of this fiftieth anniversary on radio to express our appreciation to Hermano Pablo, just as Sandra María did in ending her letter, “Thank you for your help and for your total commitment.”

Answering Your Questions

Those who are not very familiar with A Message to the Conscience frequently have questions about how the program is used to reach the entire Spanish-speaking world. Instead of answering three of the most common questions ourselves, we are going to let our listeners do it by quoting from letters and emails they have sent to us. Don’t just take our word for it: listen to those who have experienced it firsthand.

1. How can you add so many new media outlets each year when you have no one to go out and promote the program to new stations?

(From Ovidio in Bolivia) Since I was a child, I have had the great satisfaction of listening to A Message to the Conscience. The messages and content are extremely worthwhile, and that is why I would like to broadcast them through my small FM station in the area of Redención Pampa (Town: Mojocoya; State: Zudañez; Region: Chuquisaca; Country: Bolivia). In this location there are several remote people groups who do have access to radios. That is why I would like to broadcast the program. (I want you to know that the station is a public service station for all the community.)

2. How does the program get seen, listened to, or read by so many people?

(From Rafael in the Dominican Republic) I have to tell you that every day I go to your website, and I download the programs so I can share them with my coworkers. I believe that the Lord is beginning to change the atmosphere of this work site. I am the manager of a pharmacy that belongs to a chain of about twenty-five pharmacies throughout the country. I am the only Christian, but I am sure, by faith, that God is going to use me to win many souls.

3. How do you know that lives are changed as a result of listening to A Message to the Conscience?

(From Boris in Bolivia) Thank you very much for answering my letter…. You are right about what you say about sin…. I know I am a sinner, and I want to bow before Him and be saved. Then I can love all those around me… I am very interested in receiving “God’s Plan for Your Life,” by Hermano Pablo and Carlos Rey. I would like to receive instructions on how to begin my study.

What do all these answers add up to? It’s obvious that God is responsible for the widespread success of A Message to the Conscience. However, God has not chosen to do it alone. He has chosen YOU to be a part through your prayers and faithful offerings. We thank God and you.

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