Those who are not very familiar with A Message to the Conscience frequently have questions about how the program is used to reach the entire Spanish-speaking world. Instead of answering three of the most common questions ourselves, we are going to let our listeners do it by quoting from letters and emails they have sent to us. Don’t just take our word for it: listen to those who have experienced it firsthand.

  The staff of Hermano Pablo Ministries answers to a volunteer and independent Board of Directors made up of well-known and respected Christian businessmen and leaders. The Board sets the salaries for all employees and approves the annual budget. An independent accountant submits the financial records to the Board for approval. (Any donor who wishes to examine how funds are spent may request a copy of the annual financial report.)


Hermano Pablo & Linda Finkenbinder

Carlos Rey & Linda Stewart

Charles writes and records a special version of A Message to the Conscience called DE NUESTRO PUÑO Y LETRA (which means from our own culture and in our own hand). This program/column is aired/published one day per week as a special edition of the regular broadcast/publishing schedule, including three programs per week by Charles. (Spanish speakers can read samples of this version at Mensaje.)

Communications Manager

Linda writes the counsel for each "Case of the Week," one of the regularly-scheduled weekly programs of A Message to the Conscience that Charles records. In each "Case" she responds interactively to the personal problems submitted anonymously at All of the "Cases" are also posted in English on our home page.

Irene Celestino

Office Manager

Corissa Hines

Business Manager

David Stewart

Network Administrator
Web Developer

Jeriann Severson

Operations Coordinator

Gabby Reyes

Communications Coordinator

Sara Segura

Media Coordinator


Ernie R.

Video & Audio Shipping

Dave A.

Office Support

Aaron S.

Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Bonnie B.

Dave B.

Facilities Repair
Sally F.

Social Media Assistant

Other Volunteers

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